Brake Inspections, Repairs, Adjustments & Parts Replacement

At M&T Auto Body, we do not only specialize in auto body services, but we know the mechanics of your vehicle too. Throughout Dallas, TX, M&T Auto Body provides a number of mechanical specialties including brake work. As a family owned and operated business, you can count on a reliable source to ensure your brakes are well cared for. With over a decade of an experience, elite experts, and the use of top of the line products, tools, and equipment, you can be rest assured your brake services are done with care and superior results.

Brake Repairs, Brake Pad & Shoes Replacement, Power Bleeding & Other Maintenance Services for Brakes

M&T Auto Body extends brake services in the Greater Dallas, Texas area. It is crucial that your brakes are fully functioning to keep, your passengers, and others on the roads safe. Braking systems are comprised of highly engineered parts and movement precision that stops your vehicle via kinetic energy conversion into thermal energy. The master cylinder pressurizes a system of hydraulic brake lines leading to each of the vehicle’s wheels when the brake pedal is pressed down, the brake pads or shoes press against a disc or drum, which create the necessary friction needed to slow the vehicle to a complete stop. However, over time, the continuous friction and heat eventually wears down the brake pads, break shoes, brake rotors, calipers, and other braking components. As a result, the brakes need inspections, maintenance, replacement parts, and/or repairs from time to time.

Brake Inspection, Front & Rear Disc & Rear Drum Brake Repair, Parking Brake Adjustment, Rotor Replacement Services & More in Irving, Mesquite, Richardson, Garland, Balch Springs & Greater Dallas, Texas

When you need these vital services to ensure your brakes are operating at peak performance, you want M&T Auto Body to get these services done. Contact us today!

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