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The professional auto repair mechanics from M&T Auto Body have the necessary knowledge, tools and equipment to expertly handle all of your automotive repair work. We are committed to providing a professional service using quality parts and products. All repair work is performed on time and on budget. If you break down, we can help you by offering 24 hour towing services directly to our location. We strive to get you back on the road as soon as possible and are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction available in the auto repair industry. Our comprehensive auto repair services include: Tune-ups, brakes, wheel alignment, radiators, air conditioning, and much more!

Expert Tune-Up Services

Your vehicle is not only an investment; it is also a vital component when it comes to traveling back and forth to work and other activities. If you are interested in protecting your vehicle to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape, schedule a regular tune up with our experienced auto mechanics. We offer a full service, bumper to bumper tune up and inspection service that will quickly identify and diagnose any issues. Our experienced mechanics will then perform the appropriate repairs before they turn into expensive replacement issues.

Professional Brake Repair Services

Your anti-lock braking system is one of the most important components when it comes to your vehicles ability to stop safely. Anti-lock brakes allow your vehicle to maintain traction during inclement weather conditions including heavy rain, ice, and snow or changing road conditions such as loose gravel. The expert mechanics and brake repair specialists at M&T Auto Body can professionally inspect and make the necessary repairs to ensure your anti-lock brake system is working correctly when you need it the most.

Quality Wheel Alignment Services

At M&T Auto Body, we consider our wheel alignment service to be a standard component of your auto tune up service. A wheel alignment can prevent a number of issues including: Tire wear, vehicle pulling to one side, tire replacement sooner than expected, decreased fuel efficiency, and decreased control of your vehicle. Our qualified technicians will examine the angle of your wheels before making the necessary adjustments.

Professional Radiator Repair & Replacement

You can never predict when your radiator may be damaged due to a minor collision or some other unforeseeable problem. Regardless of the damage the knowledgeable radiator repair technicians and licensed mechanics at M&T Auto Body can professionally repair your radiator or depending on the extent of the damage install a brand new one.

Premium Auto Air-Conditioning Services

When you experience a malfunctioning auto air conditioner it is not only inconvenient and uncomfortable it can also pose a health risk for infants and the elderly. At M&T Auto Body, our certified technicians take great pride in performing quality auto A/C repair services for clients in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive air conditioning service includes: full A/C component inspection, performance analysis, pressure readings, and checking refrigerant levels.

Automotive Repair Services in Dallas, Texas

For more information regarding auto repair services in Dallas, Texas including: Tune-ups, Brake Repair, Wheel Alignment, Radiator Repair & Replacement, Auto Air Conditioning Repair and more, contact the knowledgeable experts at M&T Auto Body today.

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